Adarsh club doing social work since: 1981
adarsh club logo has created this menu, especially for saving some memorable moments,
There are two advantages of this menu:
one became a website for the club and during the second ceremony people know about this site. has chosen to start publicity through this club, because it is successful with the service of the people under the banner of this function, so that people know the website along with the club in the eyes of the people.

Now you know about some specialty of the ideal club
The Adarsh ​​Club was established in 1981 and successfully continues to serve the people today.
Friends There are very special about the ideal club, but I will describe some of them here.

Adarsh club promoting Chatha Puja in his areas.
On the auspicious occasion of Chatha Puja, ideal cluster cleanses cleanliness of Chhath Ghat and cleanliness by surrounding villages.
Everybody related to the Shraddhunas, they need them. we decorate all areas of there.
members of adarsh club
Evening time
Decorate the gorge and the temples are decorated so that they look beautiful.
function of adarsh club
In order to correct the worship of the people, arrangements are made in every way,
and members of the club are always ready to solve any problem,
Matches, Pan Leaf, Casilli, Milk, Datawan, and Fruit provide our club with Shraddhas
as I want to tell you that the National Highway passes by my side. Because of this,
we have to pay attention to the people who come and help the needy people cross the road.

adarsh ambulance And to prevent any untowardness, our club is already arranged as if
Those who have come from far away to worship, arrange for lodging and food and ambulance is also done.

Night celebration of Chhat Puja is organized to entertain the people coming from far away.

And the night club arranges food and tea for all of them
Parliament and legislators are called to start the ceremony and
if any problem occurs then the Ghat is prayed for its. adarsh safety

Morning time
And in the morning when the Lord is given auspiciousness to the sun, in the morning, more members of the Shraddhas
like milk, tea, biscuits, and much more make arrangements. adarsh chhath
And with a lot of enthusiasm, Chhath Puja ends.


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