Login to Access Control Panel.(ACP)

Who are you? ♥ Are you visiter.. if yes then go back, because this section is security perpes related action will be perform.
♥ If you are Owner of this site.. then your are most welcome to performing security perpes related Action.

This section is used for only delet any uploaded image by any user,
once again sure that only uploaded image by user, that image will be delet,
and no other action will be perform from this section.
and that image will you delet when you consider that this image is copyrigh.
otherwise you may can not delet.
and this action will run when you passes this section.
for pass this page you need some data if you have then enter. after enter you consider which image you want to erase.
if you have no data to insert above section.
then you may go back because without data inserting.
you can not pass this page, so go back and visit any other page.
where you want to visit.

w G P

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